About Us

Delta Chi Psi is an Asian-interest fraternity founded upon the principles of DedicationDetermination, and Dignity. Established in 2004 at Temple University, it is our mission to preserve and cultivate Asian-American culture as well as provide guidance and a sense of community for generations to come. Delta Chi Psi pushes its brothers to thrive for excellence and to be leaders among their peers. As proud brothers of Delta Chi Psi, we bring honor to the letters we carry.


Delta Chi Psi traces its roots to the beginning of Spring 2002. The organization originally formed as Temple Asian Brothers United (TABU) at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. TABU’s mission was to fill the lack of community and brotherhood in the Philadelphia Area and to find the first Asian-interest fraternity in Philadelphia. TABU remained an official Temple University Student Organization until the summer of 2004.

In the summer of 2004, several active members of TABU met to lay the groundwork of Delta Chi Psi. Seven members of TABU chose to undergo this endeavor. They were Alex Chang, Isaac Alston, Kevin Mui, Tuan Dinh, Dangwei Zhao, Enoch Lee, and Liang Huang. The group also enlisted James Li and Andrew Park from Villanova University. With this, the group now consisted of nine individuals. In the fall of 2004 the members entered into their own education program. Upon completion, they emerged on the 18th of December 2004 as Delta Chi Psi’s first brothers and ultimately the Founding Fathers of the fraternity. Delta Chi Psi has been in existence since and new brothers come into the fraternity every semester.

Currently, Delta Chi Psi has 148 brothers and continues provide community and brotherhood to students of the Philadelphia region. Delta Chi Psi’s Rush commences near the beginning of each academic semester throughout the Philadelphia area universities. The fraternity is an official member of Temple University Greek Council as of April 7, 2008.

The founders started DXPsi to unify the Asian community at Temple, make the Asian community at Temple more visible, and to preserve Asian culture among its members. DXPSi promotes networking, social and interpersonal skills, as well as academic achievement. DXPsi pushes its brothers to thrive for excellence and to be leaders among their peers. DXPsi is not your typical fraternity. Being an Asian-interest and cultural fraternity their key values are respect and dignity. One of the main goals of the fraternity is to make a difference in the Asian-American community. They want to pass down Asian culture and values to the next generation.